Dinesh Nair (@neshfoodville) 2 weeks ago

♠️ [Nunsongyee] - [•] Many of us westies are quite short on (good ) options when it comes to dessert cafes. Thankfully a hidden 💎 of a cafe opened up near Beauty World a couple of years back: Nunsongye! - [•] The 🇰🇷 dessert cafe is well known in these parts for its awesome and authentic Bingsu’s. There are several awesome Bingsu variations available at the outlet, but the one I keep coming back for again and again is the Cheesecake (pictured ). - [•] The Cheesecake 🍨 features a scoop of vanilla ice-cream set atop a humongous bowl filled to the brim with crushed Graham crackers and snowflakes beneath that. Generous (and delectable ) cheesecake cubes round off this Bingsu. Sounds diabeties inducing? Well, surprise surprise! It isn’t! - [•] The outlet and the Bingsu’s served up are unmistakably 🇰🇷- hell even the machines used to make the Bingsu’s are from 🇰🇷 apparently - and as such one is entitled to expect good, authentic Bingsu. Nunsongyee doesn’t disappoint one bit in that respect and I’m inclined to give this a straightforward 5/5.